About Us
Founded in 2008, Athul Engineering Systems & Energy Consultants (AESEC) comprise of a group of professionals who have strong background in engineering sector. Our team comprise of top professional with seal of commitment. The motto of AESEC is to deliver services and products at quality and in time. The basic priority given is for energy conservation and sustainable development. AESEC is also organised and involved in non profit social ventures, significant to all sectors of the community.

Energy audits & safety audits are one of the prime areas of operation of Athul Energy. The company have high tech instruments specifically used for Energy audits. The firm is recognized by Energy Management Centre (EMC) Govt of Kerala, Gujarat energy development agency (GEDA) and Maharashtra energy development agency (MEDA) as an approved energy auditing firm.


To achieve excellence in energy engineering and to deliver quality services with anchor to customer satisfaction and social commitment.


To develop new path, concept and services in energetic and associated field with total commitment to quality and reliability.

Our Certification